Many businesses have already embraced online advertising, providing them with a new means to receiving orders as well as attracting new customers and offering existing ones access to valuable information about their services. Moreover, a web site can give you the potential to reach not only your local market, but international markets and indeed the world market. The possibilities for increased turnover and business growth are therefore tremendous.

Recent statistics show that there are now well over 1 billion potential customers around the world to whom your products or ideas can be offered. In addition, there are more disabled people using the Internet through advanced technology such as screenreading software, etc - it's estimated that this section of the global community accounts for approx 10% of all traffic. Most of your competitors will already have web sites, but are they effective? Are they compliant? How can you create an 'edge' over them? Just having a web site is not enough - it is the quality and functonality of your site which is vital if you are to make the right impression and remain ahead of your competition.